Common Ground

When the US Hockey team defeated Russia in the semifinal game in the 1980, they were a team built from two college teams who had fought so hard during a game during the season that they had to delay the game for 30 minutes. Herb Brooks, the coach of the US team knew that he needed players from both teams, and knew that they needed a common enemy. Had he only taken players from one team or the other, the US wouldn’t have won. The team became a community and succeeded because they found common ground.

All too often these days we decide that common ground isn’t achievable. We’d rather be a Boston College or a Minnesota player because then we can stand the idea of working together. Republican, Democrat, religious, atheist, gay, straight, left, right… Our values have gotten so far apart that we can’t see any common ground, but the only way community moves forward is if we work together.

Community has got to start with finding common ground and being respectful toward one another. We have to see the value of life, the value of the people around us, the value of ourselves as a community.  We are only as strong as our connection to each other. Solomon wrote that a cord of three strands is not easily broken.rope.jpg

May we be bound together.  May we love one another and seek common ground.


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